Your Perfect Wedding Playlist

So you’ve probably picked out all the big songs for your big day. I’m talking songs for your first dance, what you’re walking down the aisle to, etc. But what about all the music that will be playing while your guests arrive, after your ceremony, and until the dance floor gets lit? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

One of my favorite parts of planning my wedding – besides making the seating chart (yes, I’m psychotic) – was creating this playlist for my guests and me. This is the exact playlist I used on my special day, but of course with some updates. There have been a lot of killer songs that have come out since 2015!

All the songs I picked have a positive, happy feel to them. There’s a little bit of pop, folk, jazz and even classic rock scattered throughout the playlist to appeal to a wide variety of guests, while all still sounding seamless and cohesive. And, it happens to touch on all of my favorite genres as well.

Here is a little sneak peak of the playlist.

Celeste – Ezra Vine
In Your Light – Gotye
Made for You – Alexander Cardinale
Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel
White Dress – Ben Rector

Ok I’ll stop, but I have so many favorites on the playlist so just listen to the whole thing. Or don’t. I’ll still be your friend.

Play it down below, or click the Spotify logo to open this in Spotify! Like what you’re hearing? Screenshot your favorite song, post it on your Instagram Story and tag me in it!


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